Our free society is at stake - historian and bestselling author Philipp Blom analyzes the current upheavals.
Freedom, Democracy, Justice: The ideas of the modern state emerged during the Enlightenment. We've gotten used to it in the 21st century. The fact that populists organize majorities with the promise of an authoritarian society, on the other hand, is a new experience. The historian Philipp Blom sees Western societies facing a precarious choice: radical market liberals on the one hand, authoritarian populists on the other. They pretend simple solutions to the global challenges. Only with an illusionless, historically informed view of the present and with the conviction that all human beings deserve a free life can we save our humane society.


We leave data everywhere - often voluntarily. Companies like Google, Facebook and Co. use them, process them further. But what does Silicon Valley know about us? Why is our data so valuable and will it be more and more in the future, thanks to Big Data? Andreas Weigend, ex-chief technologist of Amazon, says: It is high time to put the power over our data back into our hands. Because he is convinced that we benefit from sharing our data, but we need to know what happens to it and we must be able to influence it!
In 'Data for the People', the expert formulates six basic rights to data that we, as citizens and customers, should ask for and shows how digital companies - from large corporations to startups - work.
A non-fiction book that sees the benefits of digitization and makes every reader aware. With its data fundamental rights Weigend makes each one a gift that his privacy on the Web is important - and depends thus also on managers in innovative companies to which the self-determination of their clients at heart.